Project Description
Tftp server for windows ce is a quick and dirty port of a gpl unix implemetation of the tftp protocol. It should be used for helping the development in boards based on Windows CE that doesn´t have activesync

Original source code taken from
opts.c and opst.h implementation taken from

TFTPServer for Windows CE


This software should be used as a development tool only. It should not be used in production devices at all,

1-) It is buggy
2-) It is just a hacked port from an untested unix implementation
3-) It is not secure AT ALL

License: GPL


Copy the tftpserverce.exe to the target windows ce device and run it.

use your preferred tftp client or use the custom SendTo Bat file.

change %BOARDIP% value in tftpce.bat or set a %BOARDIP% enviroment variable with the ip of the board.
Copy tftpce.bat to <Documents and Settins>\<username>\SendTo
Right click on any file -> SendTo -> TFTPCE

Know issues

Can´t send more than X files
---> This is a limitation of the command line building for the batch file.
Can´t Send directories.

Features added from a standard TFTP server
> You can ascend or descend directories.

If you want to recompile the source, make sure that you have the STANDARDSDK_500 sdk, avaliable at

Marcelo van Kampen - mvkampen at

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